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Extract from STATIC HNH Newsletter ...

In the USA alone, static electricity causes on average 280 industrial incidents each year resulting in injuries and fatalities, tens of millions of dollars of direct property damage, lost production or plant downtime, and environmental release issues.

(Source: Understanding the Shocking Truth – Graham Tyers, Newson Gale Inc, 2010)


Static electricity is the prime culprit for at least two serious fires or explosions in industry worldwide every day of the year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the U.K.'s Institution of Chemical Engineers (Source: Understanding the Shocking Truth – Graham Tyers, Newson Gale Inc., 2010)


A review of 310 accidents by the Japanese chemical industry found that improper grounding caused 70% of all accidents involving static electricity.

(Source: Understanding the Shocking Truth – Graham Tyers, Newson Gale Inc., 2010)


As the speed and scale of modern manufacturing and distribution techniques increase, and the range of materials used and processes grow, a rigorous approach to safety becomes even more important.

(Source: Understanding the shocking truth – Graham Tyers, Newson Gale Inc., 2010)















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