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From the MD of Static Electricity Control


We continue in our efforts "to increase the awareness of static electricity & lightning protection and their effect in the workplace".

Based on a study by the Japanese Electrical Authority, over 70% of reported static related incidents are due to improper earthing or bonding. In the UK alone 2 serious fires occur everyday due to static electricity.

In light of those damning facts, the announcement by Standards Australia that the previously disbanded Australian Standards committee EL025, had been re-instated and that AS/NZS 1020 will be reviewed was an exciting moment for the CSELP committee. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for their ongoing support over the last 12 years and their commitment to addressing the issues associated with AS1020.


In particular the dedication of the CSELP committee to organize sponsors for the proposal and the gathering of supporting evidence and documentation specific to those changes and alterations desperately needed in order to bring AS/NZS 1020 up to date.


Thank-you to all the attendees and guest speakers for making Static Electricity & Lightning Protection Conference (SELP) 2022 such wonderful event. We hope to see you all again at Static 23 in Melbourne.

Thank you for your continued patronage. Best regards to you and your families. Have a safe and prosperous year.


Novella Group Pty Ltd 

Managing Director -  Mr Carmello Cem Novella

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