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CONTACT +61 3 5977 5920 or



Unfortunately we encounter occasions where a process issue, accident, fire or explosion has

occurred due to static electricity/lightning. In some instances, process issues, incidents,

accidents, fires/explosions occur at sites that have gone without incident for over 50 years.


Emergency call outs are diverse in nature. In some instances static electricity/lightning has

caused the shutdown of production requiring immediate assistance to bring production back online.


In other instances static electricity/lightning has resulted in injury to personnel or damage to plant and

equipment resulting in the closure of the site until it can be investigated by regulatory authorities/ Inspectors.


We are here to help. Our role is to work with all parties to re-instate earthing, bonding,

static control or lightning protection equipment or introduce a static electricity control plan/ lightning protection plan including

appropriate equipment so as to mitigate the hazard and associated risks ( product/process issues, accidents, incidents, fires or explosions and injury to personnel ). Our aim is to get you back online as quickly and more importantly as safely as we can.


If you require assistance post incident please contact us on +61 3 5977 5920 or


 In the event of an incident resulting in a production shut-down due to a static electricity/lightning related issue that requires immediate assistance: contact +61 3 5977 5920 or +61 (0) 418 107 497.


Please note that all emergency call outs across SEA, OCEANIA including Australia, New Zealand are at emergency call out rates, including any travel and accommodation expenses.

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