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Site Audits and Reports

Static Electricity Control (SEC) provide our clients with a number of report types.

Site Audit Report:

This report is categorized as BASIC, COMPREHENSIVE and CUSTOM. The report concentrates on the agreed "scope" by providing test information, certification or compliance requirements and makes recommendations specific to those static or lightning related issues. Considerations are also provided to the client for follow up, if they sit outside of the scope. 


Some audits can take weeks to complete and reports can be 100s of pages in detail depending on the issues and size of the site. 

The requirements as set out for Hazardous Area Dossiers - AS/NZS 60079-14, Static Assessments and Static Control Plans, coupled with changes to AS/NZS1020 and TS 60079-32-1, mean that workplaces that have static or lightning related issues will be required to investigate static and lightning related issues and keep records of their assessments and plans on site for use by workplace personnel and third parties such as contractors or visitors. 


Other reports include but are not limited to:

Maintenance of Equipment Report

A report that logs the performance of the static electricity control and lightning protection equipment over a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual period in relation to an established baseline. Static electricity control and lightning protection equipment is similar to any other machinery or equipment within a manufacturing process. It requires careful planning and testing as part of installation. It also requires maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating effectively. In some instances where static electricity control and lightning protection equipment is being used in a hazardous area, it may be critical to that process that the static electricity control and lightning protection equipment is part of an ongoing preventative maintenance program.


Certification/Compliance Report

Some France Paratonnerres, Meech and Newson Gale equipment is required to be inspected at a minimum once every 12 calendar months or as per the Static Electricity/ Lightning Control Plan. This is a requirement for warranty purposes but also fulfills the compliance and certification requirements specific to AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 1020, TS 60079-32-1 and AS/NZS 1768. This inspection and report concentrates on whether the equipment is working as intended and as per manufacturer instruction.


Post Incident Investigation Report

An investigation into an incident and subsequent  report that looks at the reasons for why an incident has occurred and what role (if any) static electricity or lightning played in relation to the incident. 

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