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Static Electricity Controls' (SEC) philosophy of gathering facts by measurement and diagnosis underpins the selection, installation and maintenance of a static electricity control or lightning protection solution.

We often advise our clients that It is unrealistic to expect that buying a static control or lightning protection solution without SEC first visiting the site and understanding the static or lightning related issue, will result in a safe or successful outcome.

SEC have on numerous occasions, had to rectify fully installed static electricity control and lightning protection equipment because the client  purchased the equipment from a supplier who was either unwilling to visit site and conduct the necessary testing or was not a "competent person" as defined in AS/NZS 1020:, AS1768:, TS 60079-32-1: 


Site visits usually include testing and diagnosis. These tests are instrumental in understanding the type of control required. Installing an incorrectly specified control could result in the site being under protected. In some cases this has led to static shock and personal injury or fire/explosions and damage to property and plant.

Site visits are also important in understanding whether the static or lightning related issue may involve a hazardous area. There are instances where aerthing and bonding equipment installed atone location at a site, that is classified non-hazardous, will have a direct affect on a process at the same site but in a hazardous area. 

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