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Meech Ex Cabinet Cooler SS316

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The EX Cabinet Cooler is suitable for cooling cabinet/panels in hazardous locations. The Meech EX Cabinet Cooler uses compressed air to provide a cold air source that stops industrial cabinets/panels or enclosures in hazardous locations from overheating. The Meech EX Cabinet Cooler is suitable for installation in category 2 (Zone 1), T4 locations, where ATEX or IECEx certification is required. 

The Cabinet Cooler has no electrical/electronic components making them entirely non-electrical. The cooling is provided from a Vortex Tube located inside the cooler.


The Cabinet Cooler creates both a hot and cold stream of air, the cold air is directed inside the enclosure whilst the hot air is released to the atmosphere via two holes located in the side of the Cabinet Cooler.

The Cooler can be mounted to the directly to the top, side or underneath of the enclosure via a 26mm diameter hole. An O-ring seal between the Cabinet Cooler and the enclosure wall maintains the integrity of the enclosure. 

SmartControl Touch - Main image_edited.jpg

Smart Control Touch

The Hyperion SmartControl Touch is the latest innovation from Meech designed to meet the needs of modern automated industries and the growth of Industry 4.0 to achieve maximum productivity and quality of output.


SmartControl Touch allows the user to monitor, control and adjust the performance of multiple connected Hyperion ionising bars and sensors via the integrated touch-screen or remotely via a mobile phone, tablet, or remote desktop.


The ionising equipment’s performance is easily tracked by the SmartControl Touch, which uses Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring Technology allowing the user to monitor the ionising performance.

SmartControl Touch unit has the capacity for up to six devices to be connected. An additional 12 devices can be connected using an expansion unit, with a maximum of 2 expansion units per SmartControl Touch.

This means that a single SmartControl Touch unit can be used to monitor and control up to 30 devices.

Clamps with teeth that are positioned "point to point" or "facing one another" should not be used on equipment under vibration. In this instance clamps with 2 teeth (side by side) are more suitable.


Meech Food Grade Static Control Bar.

The 314IPS is a compact pulsed DC ionising bar specifically designed for use in hygienic applications. Its PTFE construction is ideally suited to use on Hygienic food and pharmaceutical machinery. It is used to control static electric charges in short range applications (20-150mm).

The smooth design minimises the risk of dirt and contamination getting trapped on the bar, and would be beneficial to industries where hygiene is critical, for example, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Food Packaging.

The 314IPS is the latest innovation to Meech and is the first of its kind. The compact bar meets relevant GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, and also features FDA and EU compliant food-contact materials.



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Meech Miniature IML Equipment

The Hyperion 994CG Compact IML Generator is the first generator to be developed as part of the Hyperion range.


Developed for the In Mould Labelling (IML) market, Meech has designed the 994CG to meet the growing demand for a compact, lightweight generator to fit on the end of a robot arm.

The 994CG is the only generator to feature 4 x 25kV outlets, allowing the coupling of Meech Hydras without the need for a splitter whilst still maintaining its compact dimensions. Powered by a 21-30V DC supply it is one of the most powerful compact IML Generators available.



Contact us at for a data sheet or to discuss your project in further detail.

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